World’s most easiest ways to take a screenshot

Print Screen Sys Rq

The screenshot is another most important things for a PC user. It is very easy to take a screenshot. However, for PC operating ignorance, most of the computer (PC) user does not know, How to take a screenshot? Via this article, I will explain 5 easiest way to take a screenshot. Okay, Do you ready?

1. The first way to easily take a screenshot

It is very easy to take a screen via your keyboard. There is a key on the computer keyboard. The name of the key is “Print Screen Sys Rq“. This key is a default way to take a screenshot. How to take a screenshot in this way?

Go to your required page or place. Now press the “Print Screen Sys Rq” key. You have already copied the screen. But, it is now invisible. It just copied into your Windows’s clipboard. Now, open your paint or photoshop and press ctr+V to paste the copied
screenshot. Now save it as JPEG or PNG or other you have required.

2. The second way to take a screenshot in easily via snipping tool

How to take a screenshot via the snipping tool? Firstly, open your required place. Now go to your start menu and type “snipping tool” on the search box. Then open the snipping
tool. After opening the snipping tool select an area you required. It will automatically open your selected screen with the snipping tool. Now, save the screenshot. Okay.

3. The third way to take a screenshot in easily via Lightshot

I think Lightshot is the best way to take and immediately edit your screenshots! I always use Lightshot to taking a screenshot. Because it is comfortable and the world easiest way to take a screenshot. Most of the Blogger and webmaster or web article writers, always use Lightshot to easily use.

How to take a screenshot via Lightshot?

Firstly download the lightshot from their official website. After download, install the software on your PC. Now, open the Lightshot software. It will automatically minimized on your system tray. OK, now just click on the “Print Screen Sys Rq” and select any where of your screen by your left button of the ouse. Now you can edit your image. After editing your image click on the Save button and save your image as JPEG or PNG.
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