Why Free Domain, Free Hosting, and Copy-Paste Blogging Are Bad?

Why Free Domain, Free Hosting, and Copy-Paste Blogging Are Bad

Undoubtedly…… blogging is an honorable profession. If you have taken this profession, I think you have taken the right decision. But, these professionals should have to be a lot of knowledge. Beginners are often wrong in this profession. To saving money, they are interested to take the free domain, free hosting, and copy-paste blogging. But it is very bad for his carrier. Because free domain, free hosting, and copy-paste blogging is not the way of success. This is just to show you the darkness. So if anyone wants to take blogging as a profession, he should gain a lot of knowledge about blogging. Like: Search Engine Optimization or SEO, Knowledge about his blog topic, WordPress, Some Coding and other knowledge related to blogging.

However, firstly, a beginner’s should to not take any free domain, free hosting or free domain.

Why Free Domain is not good for blogging?

Now-a-days, .tk .ga .ml .gq and other free domains are flooded all over the world. But most of the domain names are free for only 1 (one) years. Most of the free user dose not know that- after one years, need $10 to renew the domain. If the free domain user
don’t paid the money, his domain will be deleted or he lose the ownership of the domain. Suppose you are work in a domain for one year and now your domain is in a better position. So now you need to $10 to renew your free domain. But top label domain
such as: .com .net etc is available in only $10 per year. So, why you have taken a free domain? If you not paid to free your total diligence will be wasted. Still buy / take a free domain?

There are some free domain service providers, will steal your domain. While you have a lot of visitors, they will steal your domain and they published ads on your free domain. But you will not get any kinds of revenue for these ads. If they see your blog is going to be a very popular day by day. They permanently steal the ownership of your free domain.

Free Hosting is another wrong decision for the beginner. Different free hosting service provider gives you a large number of free space and they tempt you, a lifetime of free hosting. But always they will focus on their profits. They publish some ads on your
site always and you never got its benefit. Taking a free hosting is very bad for SEO also. These kinds of hosting have a slow server. As a result, your site loading time will increase. Visitor and Search Engines want to avoid such kinds of site.

Free Hosting provider delay 5 or 10 seconds your visitor to visit your site. It is very bad for your visitor’s experience about visiting your site. They give your 10GB hosting package, but if you use 200MB disk space or bandwidth, they warn you repeated. They
said, “You‘ve abused and you can not abide by our rules and regulations.” After a few days, they will lock your database. If you paid them some money, they will open your account. Only at $6, you can get premium hosting, why you take free hosting? A beginner should avoid free domain name and free hosting.

Why Copy-Paste Blogging is very bad for a website or blog?

“Copy-Paste blogging” is the shocking bad work for blogging. Firstly, you are stealing an article and secondly, it looks very bad for rank on search engine. Search engine always gives priority for unique content. If you are want to make a better position on a search engine; you should 100% avoid the copy-paste blogging.

Basically, it is shocking bad for AdSense(Google Ad Program). Adsense is the worlds best advertising program. Adsense is the first requirement of the professional blogger.
If a blogger made any copy-past article. He never get the Adsense. Because adsense hate the copy-paste blogging.

So avoid the copy-paste blogging. Write some unique. Take the advantage of your creativity. Write a little, but try to do something unique. Write a little, but try to write well. If necessary, before writing the topics, analysis about the topic and gain some knowledge. If necessary, post an article three days after. But, try to post unique. This unique posts are very useful for your blog or website. Search Engines basically google is always give priority for unique posts.

Thanks to all. Allah Hafiz.

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