Use An Android phone as a Modem

Use An Android phone as a Modem

The modem is a necessary device for internet connections. While you are on a journey, it is impossible to make a connection of the internet for your PC/Laptop without a modem. But if you have an android phone, you can get an internet connection easily! Now, I will share how to use an android phone as a modem to creating an internet connection for your PC.

Firstly, connect your android phone on PC/Laptop/Notebook via USB Cable. Don’t click on the button “Turn on USB Storage”. Click Back or Home button.

Go to your Settings>More>Tethering & portable hotspot>USB Tethering.

It is very easy to use an android device as a modem for your desktop or laptop on the journey. Done the task carefully. You should open your data connection first with available data plan. Turn on than e 3G or 4G form your phone to get a batter experience. If you have not a data cable you can use the android’s modem via WiFi. Just switch on of “Wi-Fi hotspot”. Now open your PC’s/Laptop’s wifi and connect to your phone. Connection’s password is available on the hotsopt settings and you can change this auto generated password any time.

Also you can connect internet via bluetooth tethering. For using Bluetooth tethering internet connection, just click on the “Bluetooth tethering” and open you laptops bluetooth to make an internet connection. I think, usb tethering is the better than other connecting. Because, via usb- you can connect internet and your phone will be charged. And you can get an heavy speed internet browsing.

If you use connection via wifi you will get high speed connection but your battery charge will be eating within few minutes. Bluetooth connection is very poor and it eat your phone’s battery. So I recommend that, use USB tethering. Because it is very good for both of internet connection and battery charge.

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