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how to stop background data

An internet user purchased a data plan. But suddenly he saw, his data has finished or data connection was slow. You have used a few amounts of data, could not understand how all the data is finished. Generally, while we browse the internet, many things are being installed on our PC, reluctantly. Most of the programs are unnecessary for the PC User.

These installed software is always eating our data. Most of the internet user use internet via mobile phone operator. Mobile phone operator gives us limited data. So this problem is very unbearable for the internet user.

People who suffer from this problem, this tips is for the theme. I think this article would be highly beneficial for the victim. Let’s go to know, how to Turn off the computer’s hidden / background data download.

Firstly, see the tricks for windows 7

1. Right click on the My Computer and then click on Manage (My Computer>Manage)

2. Now click on the Services and Applications

3. Now click on the Services

4. Now find out the Background Intelligence Transfer Service and click.

5. Then click on the Start.

Now restart your computer. Your background data eating will he off.

How to turn off hidden data eating in windows 8

Go to Task manager > services tab> open services>Background Intelligent Transfer> service Stop
Okay, you did it!

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