Phone hanged? Now what you should do?

Phone hanged Now what you should do

impossible to imagine a day too without using a mobile phone! A mobile phone user always tries to use his phone without irritated. But most of the user are suffering the various problem.
‘Hang’ is one of the worst problems for a mobile device. The cheap and low-quality phone has been flooded on the mobile phone market. As a result, most of the smartphone has a low configuration. Some phone is made in under the low configuration label also!

For these reasons: these low-quality phone hanged daily. Generally, while a mobile phone used continuously, it sometimes ‘hangs’ or may ‘freeze’. While Different Apps, Games, and videos grab a lot of memory space, the phone may be hanged also! Marshmallow is the new Android software of Google. Marshmallow user can see how much space are free of their phone memory and RAM.

If your phone hanged, you can see the following tips below:

1. Firstly, I recommend that- reset your phone. Because it seriously helps you to operate a phone in very fast. But if you reset your phone, you may be lost your phone memory files such as contacts, audio, video, images, and others or everything files you have stored in your phone memory. Before resetting a phone please save your important files on other storage. You can copy your all contact number in your SIM (Subscriber Identity Mobile).

2. Go to your setting and the app. Now see how much memory space are free. If very low space are free; remove or delete some of the apps.

3. Always avoid the installing unnecessary apps on your phone. If in case an unnecessary app installed on your phone; remove it quickly.

4. Always avoid the weighty apps installing in a low configuration phone.

5. Check how much memory has been occupied by Videos, photos, and apps. Always keep a lot of free space for your phone.

6. Delete unnecessary files, it can help you to solve the hang problem of your phone.

7. You should buy a high configuration phone.

If your phone has a hardware problem; the above tips may be not helpful for you. But if your phone has not a hardware problem; above
tips will very helpful for you.

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