Health Advice for PC Operator

Health Advice for PC Operator

Computer and internet is the soul of modern science. Using computer / PC and internet is increasing day by day. A Computer (PC) the user should take care of his health. Because, using a computer for a long time, may be bad for his health. So every user should know about his Self-protection from operating a PC.

Radiation: If you have a computer in your home, so “you are living on a radiation plant!” Although this sentence is like strange, for those people who have been using the PC for a long time in their house a little bit true for them. High voltage home electronics Emissive low frequency. As a result, we are affected by this. A lifetime computer user uses a computer about 60,000 hours in his full life. If the user is a victim of radiation for this long time, however, it is definitely a big problem. Although the law is clear that the computer manufacturer company made their product As such, is within the radiation and radiation cannot touch the user. But if the casing is not fitted properly and casing crack open, close repeatedly, the user may be a victim of radiation. A study has revealed that radiation can cause abortion, maternity mothers and maybe a fetal loss. According to another study,
Radiation-related to Leukemia and Cancers. However, there are conflicting differences. According to the department head of Germany’s national anti-radiation, in a particular distance from radiation, is not harmful to health.

Health Advice for PC Operator

Ways to save from bad effect of radiation: Eleven experts of national radiation protection of USA, about nine years they
experiment about how to save from radiation. After finishing the experiment they published some ways to save from radiation. According to their experiment, If radiation continues for a long time the brain can be affected by this. Hormones may disrupt normal activities. Various cells of the body infected and maybe it can cause cancer. To save yourself from this radiation- PC, Mouse, Keyboard, etc is better to keep away from the body. The monitor is the main responsible for making radiation. So as a
safe distance set your monitor about minimum 50 inches from your body. Always keep power save mode of your devices. Set a black screen saver for 5 to 10 minutes and set energy saving mood for 30 minutes of your monitor. People who browse the internet
for the full night, they definitely know that- the next day they suffering eye irritation, Water flowed from the eyes and other bad symptoms are can be seen. The only monitor is main guilty for these. 8 hours of work in front of the computer, your eyelid will waggle
less than usual 30,000 times. Muddy monitor the more dangerous. This can be seen in dry eye syndrome. Dry eyes may damage cornea using undue force. Not only your eye, brain pain, and unstable mode can be seen if a user uses PC for a long time.

Additional pressure on the eyes: Always remember a matter that, there is a large number of difference between the leading text of a paper and text of a monitor. The light is reflected from the paper and computer (PC) is a source of a light. If any one look on the
light for a long time, normally he can suffer some problems from it. People who play PC Games more and more, it is very harmful for his eye health.

How to prevent eye problems: Firstly don’t buy a monitor less than 70hartz rate. Keep your monitor in a safe distance form your eyes. Set furniture is an well label between your eye and monitor. Use eye protector glass or you can use a mini software to protect your eyes.

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