Effective tips for improve your Alexa rank

Effective tips for improve your Alexa rank

Alexa rank is another important matter for a blogger or a webmaster. Because some visitor firstly sees that: what is the Alexa rank of a site? If your Alexa rank is very good, some of the visitors can understand, your site is very popular and you have a lot of visitors. But Alexa is not the appropriate way to measure the popularity and the real visitor of a website. Because Alexa has not enough information to give the real rank of a site. But it is undeniable because visitors always see the Alexa rank to measure a website. As a result, we should improve our websites Alexa rank.

Tips for developing Alexa Rank:

1. Alexa Toolbar: Alexa toolbar is the greatest way to improve Alexa rank. This toolbar is an appliance for improving this rank.

To download this toolbar click here. This toolbar seriously helps you to improve your Alexa rank.

2. Select Country: Submit your site on Alexa and select your country. Alexa will give you rank for your country. You can see country rank via this toolbar.

3. Alexa boosts up: If you want to improve your Alexa rank very quickly. You can use Alexa boost up. Alexa boosts up quickly help you to improve your website’s Alexa rank.

4. Browser Home Page: If you have already installed the Alexa toolbar, now just select the website as your browser home page. Every time when you open the browser, automatically your site will open and Alexa toolbar will send the information to the Alexa database. It is incredible to help you to improve Alexa rank for world and country both. So now go to your browses menu, Tools>Options and select

5. Use office’s computers: If you are an employer of a computer (PC) servicing center, you can get more facilities from your organization. While your clients come to repair their PC, you just select your site as home pageand install the alexa toolbar on their PC. As a result, every time your site will browsed by them and your rank will improve day by day.

6. Use friend’s computers: Use this tips ( tips 1, 4 & 5) to you friends and family person’s computer (PC). I think it is the awesome idea for improving your world and country rank both. Via this tips you can earn more visitor and more page view.

7. Office’s PC: Use these tips in your all office computers. Every office have a one more computer. If you apply above tips. I think it will help you with Alexa rank.

8. Alexa Widget: Use alexa widget on your site’s sidebar. This widget sends information of every visitor and page views on alexa database. For details about alexa widget visit their page.

9. Customize Alexa toolbar: Create your own customized alexa toolbar.
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