DVD-CD burning without software! Very Easy for Windows

How to- DVD or CD burning without software for any version of windows such as Windows-7, 8, 10 and XP. Sometimes we need to burn a cd or DVD. But most of the PC user can’t know, how to burn a CD-DVD without any software. You can burn your data on a blank cd/DVD via windows default software.

Most of the PC user always use various DVD writing software to write/burn any data on a blank disk. But they don’t know, windows have a default software for burning or writing necessary data on a blank disk.
Today PC HELPER will share the tricks about…..

DVD-CD burning without software

1. Firstly, Insert a Blank DVD or CD Disk on DVD writer drive of your Computer and confirm that your DVD Drive is a writer. And confirm that, the new disk is totally blank and writable.

2. Now copy and paste the folder, you have required to burn on the disk. And, click on the Burn Button.

3. After Clicking the burn Button You will see the window below. You can give a name of the disk in the Disk Title Box. But generally, Today’s Date is the default selected. Then Select “With a CD/DVD Player” and Click on the
Next Button to proceed.

4. After clicking on the Next Button you required to file will be coping to burn the DVD or CD burning. After finishing the coping you will find a dialogue window like below. Now click on the notification “You have Files waiting to be burn to Disk

5. Now Click on the Burn to Disk.

6. Now give an appropriate name for the new disk and select 16x for the recording speed. Then click on the Next.

7. Congratulation! After clicking on the Next, If you look the image below; your DVD-CD burning without software is going to be successful! So wait for a few minutes. It depends on the file size and the quality of your DVD
Writer Drive.

8. After successfully finishing the DVD writing, Click on the Finish Button.

Your project of DVD-CD burning without software! is now successfully finished!

Some More Precious Tips About Burning Any DVD or CD Blank Disk

You Should Firstly Make Sure That you Blank disk is a high quality branded. Because nowadays there is a lot of poor quality DVD Blank disk is available. These disks will be damaged within a few months or days. As result, you will lose your all valuable burned data.

Also, you should ensure that your DVD writer drive is healthy. Sometimes many people lost his burned data for the low-quality DVD writer. Everybody should always try to use the best brands DVD Writer. A high-quality DVD Writer drive and DVD blank disk are the main things successfully finished a burning project.

Useful Instructions for DVD or CD burning This is another useful and very important tips to make a better-burned DVD. Generally, a Blank DVD has 4.5 Gigabytes and a Blank CD has 700 Megabytes space. You should always minimum keep free 15% of your total space.

I Especially recommend some important tricks: Such as you are burning a DVD Blank disk and your total disk’s has 4.5 GB to write. You should keep free minimum 500 Megabytes. But I recommend that, keep free minimum 1GB disk space. Such as you are burning a Blank CD Disk and it has a total of 700 MB space to write. Now I think, you should bum 500 Megabytes only. Otherwise, your, data of the burned disk may be lost soon . I give the above tips from my own experience.


Ok. if you have any questions please tell us via the comment box. Thanks a lot.

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