Dark Web : Easy way to enter with Tor Browser

Dark Web

Today I will discuss the Dark Web. I believe that everyone has the right to get information. So, today I share this post with everyone. However, I would like to say that, the discovery of science is very well for our life, but there is some bad side also. If anyone wants to apply the science to good work, that’s good. But If anyone apply the discovery of science on bad work, that’s very bad. So, you are responsible for your actions. Can not be blamed the Science. I sacrifice this article to others, who is new on the web like me.

Can you remember the scene of the Godfather of a movie of Hollywood? The Godfather has done his harmful act without any face to face discussion with his pet killer! He was communicating with his killer by a hidden network!
Or do you remember? Angelina acted movie ‘Hacker’? Where the criminals are done there harmful work in a hidden network? Where law enforcement was helpless to caught any information about the criminal or their crime! what the hell man?

However, we believe that these movies are just a story. But like these movies, our internet world has a hidden network, who is full fill of darkness! Nowadays, the internet is like an ocean. As a result the capability of the search engine is increasing. Google.com is the famous search engine. Google is one of the most trusted search engines all over the world. It is impossible to imagine a world of the internet without google!

But how much ability of google on the internet?

You’ll be surprised to know that: the amount of data we get from Google; this data is only about 10% of total internet! that means google don’t know the other 90% information on the internet! It has been said, Google is a ship on an ocean, if we imagine the ocean is Dark web, Google is the ship who is floating on the ocean!

Let’s go to know about Dark web or dark web

Black Web can be divided into two parts, and they are:
1. The Surface Web
2. The Dark Web
They are all part of the Internet of surface web search engine cannot find, but if you know their address, you can go to these websites. The Dark Web is the part where conventional ways you can not access the Internet, traditional browsers cannot enter.

To enter on the dark web, you will need special software basically one kinds of a browser. What is the origin of the dark part of the Internet? That is impossible to give a correct answer for anyone. In fact, neither you or I am are not alone on the Internet!

Your every moving every download is always tracked by your Internet Service Providers. Any time they can these log files delivers to the law enforcers group. This means you have no freedom of movement! The world of the Internet, the group felt the need for such a system, where they will be able to conduct their activities in secret. Military, revolutionary, hackers, actually the administration wanted a system where the private detectives will be able to exchange information between themselves or stolen information can get back to bargaining with criminals. Moreover, there is some country in the world where online censorship is very strong, a result Dissenting opinion-er has been thinking about a system where the government or the internet service provider can not track them. That was the origin of this is unknown. It’s the criminals who lure them with the fear of being caught
in the nets do not dare to talk.

Why search engines are unable to crawl the dark web?

Generally, the search engine uses a virtual robot called ‘Crawler’. This robot is read or record a log file of a website via crawling. The dark web administrator uses a ‘Robot Exclusion Protocol’. As a result search engine can’t crawl these websites. The administrators disable the search engine to crawl his website. As a result, the search engine is always unable to provide any kinds of information about this web.

What is the interesting matter of dark web?

Difference between dark web and surface web. You can enter dark web in any general web browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. The URL of the dark web is not like the normal website. Generally, a top-level domain such as .com .net or .org is the extension of a normal website. But dark /
the Dark web is not like that. The dark web URL like a normal domain name. They use “Pseudo Top Level Domain” and the domain name like as asndfuwoeiqruklsdjasdahf.onion! Bitcoin, Onion, Freenet and others is also available on the dark web. It is the different world. Even, long before WikiLeaks to publish the confidential information you can get from here. Which is not available on the surface web due to copyright laws, whether you can get here easily every day! Because, they don’t care the police or government authority! There are also depraved Entertainment! such as Child Pornography and Genital Mutilation. Child Pornography and Genital Mutilation videos is not available on the surface / normal web for the various act. But these videos is the hot topic on the dark web! Different harmful things like as drugs, bomb and other harmful things they sell via dark web. They also give a training about how
to make a drugs or a bomb or other harmful things. Any one can hire a professional killer via the dark web!

How to browse or enter to the dark web?

Very easy! you can browse or enter on the dark web in easily. Just download the Tor Browser and go to the dark web. Two Search Engines of dark web
The Abyss http://nstmo7lvh4l32epo.onion/
DuckDuckGo http://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion/index.html


1. Before browse, the dark web firstly turns off your java script, flash, shockwave.
2. Paid proxy service is better for browse dark web.
3. If you want to done a registration on a dark website. Do not use your real information or email. So don’t use your real data.
[NB: There are a large number of harmful act available on Dark web. Not only did you get the information from your computer
may be stolen. So for all the problems in this web site, or you can not blame the author]

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