Bootable Pendrive without any software

Bootable Pendrive without any software

Hey guys, I have a 10.1-inch mini notebook. This note book has no CD or DVD drive. As a result, while I want to install the windows, Every time I was annoyed by this installation. Because only bootable pen drive can install windows on my notebook. So I need to bootable my pen drive. I have already tried with different software but the problem persists. I am starting try to make bootable my pen drive without any kinds of bootable software.

Recently i have learned how to bootable any pen drive without any software! So now I will share the tips with you. Tips for Bootable Pendrive without any software:

We will use “Command Prompt” (CMD) option for making a bootable pen drive.
=>Firstly insert a pen drive (minimum 4GB for windows 7) on the USB port. Now press Windows + R button with the same time. A new program will be start named Run. Now write “cmd” on the run box and press Enter (OK).

Bootable pen drive without software

=>Your cmd program will open. Now type diskpart and press Enter. If you see any warning message press YES
=>Now, write disk list and press enter. You will see your drive list with your pen drive.
=>Select disk J ( J= name of your pen drive) and press enter.
=>Now write Clean and press Enter.
=>Now create partition primary and press Enter.
=>Then select partition J ( J= name of your pen drive) and press Enter.
=>Now type active and press Enter.
Now format your pen drive:
=>Type format fs=NTFS and press Enter and wait until 100% format.
=>After finishing formatting, type assign, and press Enter.
=>At last type exit and press Enter.
Now insert a DVD disk of Windows XP,7,8 or others and copy all files and folders in the pen drive. Wait until copy all files.

Your pen drive is now bootable and it will be able to setup windows via USB. Now select pen drive on the boot option of your PC and setup windows from pen drive.
Thanks a lot.

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